The National Development
& General Trading co.

Company Overview

The National Development and General Trading Company’s mission is to serve the farmers in the Arab world and be a partner in their growth and success. We accomplish this through the highest quality service delivery, utilization of cutting edge solutions and a commitment to helping them meet their goals .

The National Development and General Trading Company was established in 1998 with a commitment to satisfy the market needs for plant protection and production products. It is mainly engaged in importing, exporting and marketing a wide range of agricultural materials.The national Development and General Trading Company is currently one of the major companies in the Lebanese Agricultural sector, dealing with all kinds of agricultural materials including pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and equipments.
All our products are imported from the highest agricultural qualified manufactureres arroud the world, located in USA. Europe, India and China. We  also represent and act as sole agents of some of the best agricultural companies in the world. 
The National Development and General Trading Company vision and commitment  is to serve the farmers with lowest cost possible but with the highest quality products.